Uthra Murder Case: Kerala Sessions Court Finds Accused Husband Guilty For Inducing Fatal Snakebite

In a much-awaited move, a Kerala court on Monday sentenced Sooraj S Kumar for killing his spouse by getting her chomped by a venomous wind with an deliberate to slaughter her.

 The Kollam Extra Area and Sessions Court, directed by Equity Manoj M, articulated its decision in a one of its kind kill case where the spouse tossed a starving cobra on his spouse whereas she was snoozing to actuate her passing by snakebite.

 The denounced was brought before the court with tight security today.

 Advocate G. Mohanraj driven the indictment within the case with solid logical as well as circumstantial evidence.

 A postmortem of the wind was conducted to assert that it was the one that had assaulted the perished and a sham trial was also carried out reproducing the complete incident.

 A renowned wind handler after looking at the tooth width had subsequently affirmed before the Court that the snakebite found on the deceased’s body did not appear common, and was likely induced.

The logical prove submitted before the court was collected with the assistance of a group comprising herpetologists, measurable specialists, veterinary specialists and authorities from the Timberland and Creature Cultivation departments.


 In a crime that desensitized the State, Uthra, a 25-year-old homemaker, was found dead at her domestic from a snakebite on 7th May 2020. In spite of the fact that at first, endeavours were made to reject it as a characteristic snakebite, her family suspected foul play in her death.

 The scepticism emerged from the truth that the expired has been more than once subjected to badgering from her spouse and his family for settlement. They contended that it was inconceivable for a wind to discover its way into a closed air-conditioned room, especially since the floor was tiled.

Her family encourage affirmed that the kill was carried out to procure gold and property.

  These doubts were braced by the reality that less than nine weeks before the occurrence, Uthra supported another close lethal assault from a snake. She was recouping from the same when her life was claimed by the moment snakebite In like manner, a police examination taken after, and the 1000 paged charge sheet uncovered the expand trick arranged and actualized by her spouse, the blamed herein.

 The charged was thus captured with another man who made a difference him secure both the snakes. The handler afterward turned approver and uncovered that both the snakes were sold for Rs. 10,000 together which he did not know the reason behind the purchase.

 The denounced from that point confessed to his crime amid cross examination and conceded that he had put away two snakes in a jolt without bolstering them with the purposeful of murdering his wife. Later on, his father, mother and sister were too captured after recuperating around 38 sovereigns of Uthra’s gold that was found buried in a rubber estate behind their residence.

 Case title: State of Kerala v. Sooraj S Kumar

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