COURTROOM: The Law Society of Centre for Legal Studies (CLS), Gitarattan International Business School, Rohini, Delhi is organizing its 1st edition of Law Fiesta, “JUSTITIA”: The Virtual Lex Fiesta 2021 from 26th to 29th October 2021 in collaboration with District Legal Services Authority-North , Think India, ANZ LAWZ, Pratham.

Being a post-pandemic activity, this year, the competition has been designed for all the students pursuing law courses at different University / Institute / College approved by Bar Council of India, on virtual mode.

The events in the fiesta are designed in such a way that different facts of learning are highlighted, and it will be an ecstasy to discover the talent amongst the students. The following events will take place:

1.       Mediation Competition

2.       Debate Competition

3.       Law Olympiad

4.       Youth Parliament

The last date to register for Law Olympiad is 16th October 2021 and certificates of participation will be issued to all the participants where:

Top Scorer will be awarded with Cash Prize of Rs. 1500/- 

 2nd Best Scorer with Cash Prize of Rs. 1000/- .

Participants can register in Law Olympiad through the link attached below.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RmW2vmqom-j1fy-nyNytdbRj8sPErE9PWvjkeQczK6o/edit?usp=sharing

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