Kalkaji Mandir :  Appeal Against Order Of Delhi High Court .

Neeta Bhardwaj preferred appeal against trial court’s order where Kamlesh Sharma one of the daughters of Late Kalicharan Sharma performed the Pooja sewa , she had been given the Baari and right to conduct Pooja .

As per tradition of temple no female devotee is allowed to take part in Pooja , either conducted by herself or by someone else .

Considering rights of deity and devotees as supreme Justice Pratibha Singh appointed retired judge JR Midha as administrator of the temple , to take care of its safety and security and to ensure the smooth functioning of the temple administration .

The unauthorised vendors , hawkers and shopkeepers unnecessarily obstructed the way and causing inconvenience to the devotees . To check and control the encroachments court ordered to install CCTV cameras and ask for recordings to see that these vendors have not trespassed the temple property . It should undoubtedly be vacated from unauthorised occupants .

To preserve its spiritual sanctity it should be spaced from elements who may convert into a commercial enterprise .

The previous reports by commissioners about temple management are not satisfactory . Lack of cleanliness,  dismal management of donation money , so court appointed a commissioner to pay surprise visits to figure out the exact situation .

The shopkeeper moved to supreme court against orders of Delhi High Court directing Municipal corporation to demolish unauthorised constructions .

Supreme Court will hear the impugned order on October 24 , 2021 .

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