Kerala Chief Minister and LDF supremo Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday

(12-10-2021) said directions would be given to conclude the government level processes to withdraw police cases filed whilst the Sabarimala and anti-CAA protests were in full swing in the state. He said the government had already instructed in February to take necessary action regarding the withdrawal of cases that were “not of serious criminal nature” in relevance to the incidents.

The state DGP informed the assembly that, as per the order, he had directed the district collectors and district police chiefs to observe the nature and current status of such cases registered in their respective jurisdictions. A body consisting of IG, Crime Branch and the SPs of Special Cell and the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) has been established to accumulate information data concerning such cases.

The committee was also conferred with the responsibility of codifying information related to the procedure required to withdraw such cases, the CM said while reverting to a submission by opposition leader V D Satheesan on the issue. Each case would be examined and analysed separately and, it can be withdrawn only with the due permission of the court under Section 321 of the CrPC, he explained.

Reportedly Mr Vijayan also added that the government has some restrictions in this regard as it is a matter falling within the purview of the judiciary. Yet, directions will be given to the officials responsible for the completion of the procedures at the government level at the earliest.

The opposition had accepted the government’s call for the withdrawal of the cases ahead of the assembly polls in April. Around 2,000 cases regarding the Sabarimala conflict were registered across numerous districts in the state during 2018- 19.

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