Runaway Couple Weds by Lighting Fire in Utensil At Hotel Room

Petitioner approached Haryana and Punjab High Court seeking protection of their life and liberty being threatened by their and parents and relatives .

20 year old girl and 19 year old boy went to high court seeking protection plea against threats of relatives of women .

As per women they ran away and married solemnly on 26th November , 2021 , but in contents of the petition no photographs are annexed and no attachment of marriage certificate or particulars to place of wedding ceremony .

When asked by the High Court about information and particulars of marriage solemnisation . The counsel of petitioner demanded time for furnishing the documents regarding location of wedding ceremony and identity of priest .

Later on petitioner filed application that no formal ceremony ever performed , petitioner booked room in hotel Ambala and in the evening , boy filled the vermillion in the forehead of petitioner , exchanged the garlands and performed ‘saptapadi’ around a lighting fire in utensil , with no chanting of sermons .

Justice Gill said that petitioner made an attempt to misled the court , initially asked for time to submit evidences of marriage solemnisation and then come out with a completely different story . Court disappointed by such irresponsible behaviour on part of petitioner , who in order to seek relief misled the court itself .

However The High Court did not shirk from its duty to provide protection to petitioner apprehend threat to their lives . Petition is disposed of with direction to Commissioner of Police , Panchkula to look into matter and dispose it expeditiously .

The status of relationship is not decided by court and no immunity s given to petitioners , Since they did not approached the court with clean hands , also a fine of Rs. 25,000 imposed on petitioner for misleading the Court .

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