Sasikala to come in election again?

Sasikala became AIADMK interim general secretary following Jayalalaitha”s demise in 2016 and this appointment was rescinded at a general council meet in 2017 and it also announced invalidation of all the appointments made by Dhinakaran.

This meet also created new posts of coordinator and co- coordinator for OPS and EPS respectively, giving them all powers and their factions came together, while Sasikala and her followers were dislodged. Since then, the AIADMK had made it clear that there was no scope for rapprochement with Sasikala or her relatives.

Eventually, Dhinakaran floated the Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK) in 2018. After finishing her jail sentence of 4 years prison for having non taxed income. She returned to tamil nadu on 8th of february, it was expected she would participate in active politics as there were assembly elections in april, but she announced her decision to stay away.

In a public statement, sasikala said:” Coming soon, to set party on right track. I cannot anymore tolerate the decline of the party. Taking everyone along is the party style, let’s unite”, once again setting the rumors mills abuzz about a change in the state’s politics.

Her reference to the feud, which has no direct mention of the AIADMK or its leadership, is seen as a pointer to alleged differences between top two leaders, K Palaniswami and O Paneerselvam.

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