West Bengal: Fire broke out at Mamata Banerjee’s office

On Tuesday, 12 October, 2021, a fire broke out at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s office on the 14th floor of the West Bengal Secretariat. Workers of Nabanna found that the smoke is coming out from the 14th floor of the temporary secretariat office of the state of West Bengal. 

The fire department was also informed soon, whereby they also took necessary measures and precautions before starting their mission to combat with the spread of the fire. Moreover, the Disaster Management team was also ready and they also shared hands with the fire department in order to combat against the spreading of fire.

The unfortunate spread of fire created panic among the officials of the secretariat as Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee sits on the top floor of the 14th Storey building. However, due to the Durga Puja festival, the secretariat was closed for a fortnight.

The senior official said in their statement that the fire was spotted at 11:54 Am on the roof of Nabanna from the electric panel of a Vodafone signal tower. The police officials were also quick in taking their actions, where they also informed the fire department in order to handle the situation.  Thereby, within a minute, the fire was under control.

As soon as the situation came under control, there came a report which indicated that it was not a major fire accident, thereby, it is safe and no casualties were found, which is really good for the secretariat office amid the Durga Puja festival.    

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