Congress Party is yet to get its full-time Party President

The demand for the appointment of a full-time party chief for the Congress party is yet to be fulfilled. The meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) held on 16th October, 2021 ends with a positive result and the oldest party of the country will soon get its full-time Party Chief after a long time in a proper democratic manner. Till then, the office of the party President will continue to be held by Mrs Sonia Gandhi as an interim President of the Party.

Congress Head Quarter also publicly declared that the election for Presidential post of the Congress Party will be held between 21st August and 20th September in the next year, whereas block level and PCC level election is also slotted to be held between April 16th – May 21st and July 21st – August 20th respectively.

There are many sources reported that Kerala MP and the veteran politician from Congress Party, Mr Rahul Gandhi had said that he would “consider” returning back as Party President, after appeals came from three Chief Ministers from the states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh and former union minister, Mr A.K. Anthony.

Last month, after the political rollercoaster witnessed in Punjab within the Congress Party, many veteran leaders came out loud questioning the Congress leadership, most significant among the other leaders were Mr Kapil Sibal. He directly made a verbal attack on the Congress High Command and said “G-23 grouping” is not a “Jee Huzur 23’. This statement clearly signifies that he was not satisfied with the way the Gandhi family is handling the steering of the Congress party. Adding to that in a press conference, he also said, “In our party at the moment there is no president. So we don’t know who is taking these decisions. We know and yet we don’t know”.

Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the present interim president of the Congress Party in her opening speech clearly said, “I am, if you will allow me to say so, a full-time and hands on Congress President”. Adding to that, she left no space to rebut back at the criticism made by the G-23 group, whereby she in her statement said, “I’ve always appreciated frankness, no need to speak to me through media; let us all have honest discussion”. Mrs Gandhi made a call for a united Congress and said, “We face many challenges but if we are united, focus on party’s interests alone, we will do well”.        

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