Delhi High Court Summons Filmmaker Hansal Mehta & Others Over Release Of Movie ‘Faraaz’

The Delhi High Court has issued summons in a suit recorded against Bollywood Filmmaker Hansal Mehta and others for controlling the discharge of their film Faraaz.

The motion picture is based on the terrorist assault that happened on 1st July, 2016 in Holey Artisan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

 The suit has been recorded by a family that had misplaced their girls within the assault. They fear that their girls may be appeared in a awful light and consequently, supplicated for a changeless and obligatory order in their support. The film was charged to be violative of the their right to Protection and right to Reasonable Trial beneath Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India.

 Justice Asha Menon issued notice on the suit conjointly on the application looking for intervals relief.

 “The summons should show that the composed statement(s) to the suit and replies to the application(s) be recorded by the defendant(s) inside one week from the date of receipt of the summons. The defendant(s) might moreover record the affirmation of admission/denial of the documents recorded by the plaintiff(s), falling flat which the composed statement(s) might not be taken on record,” the Court ordered.

 During the course of hearing. Senior Advocate Jayant K Mehta submitted that offended parties, as an between times help, as it were look for a see of the motion picture to be guaranteed that their girls are not being appeared in destitute light. “The offended parties are at freedom to record replication(s) to the composed statement(s) and rejoinder(s) to the reply(ies) recorded by the defendant(s) before the following date of hearing taking after the recording of the composed statement(s)/reply(ies),”the Court added. The matter will presently be listened on October 28.


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