Ranjit Singh Murder Case : Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Sentenced To Life Imprisoment

Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim and 4 others are convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment .

They were convicted under section 302(murder ) and Section120(B) (criminal conspiracy ) of IPC earlier and today the order on their sentence was pronounced .

The CBI Court Judge Sushil Garg on October 8 found Ram Rahim and 4 others guilty of murdering former Dera manager Ranjit Singh who was also a follower of sect .

The Convict is already in imprisonment ordered in case of rape and now he is sentenced for murdering his own disciple .

As per the facts Ranjit Singh was killed in July ,2002 for his knowing the dark and bitter truths of Dera Chief  , deceased was suspected of circulating anonymous letters disclosing the sexual assault done to the female followers .

Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed the plea asking for the transfer of the murder trial pending before CBI Judge , Panchkula .

Court said that the apprehensions of petitioner weren’t reasonable .

“Petitioner in garb of transfer petition cannot be permitted to have bench of his own choice .”

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