Call for Submissions for quarterly magazine ‘Nyayapravah’ of Akhil Bhartiya Adhivakta Parishad (ABAP)


Akhil Bhartiya Adhivakta Parishad (ABAP) is inviting submissions for its quarterly magazine ‘Nyayapravah’ from persons belonging to any background can write & contribute for NyayaPravah (Academicians/ Researchers/ Writers from all any profession like – Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Journalists, Law Students or students from any background).


The Akhil Bharatiya Adhivakta Parishad, a registered Society under the Societies Act 1960, having motto of ‘न्याय मम धर्मः’ is working all over the country. Since its inception in the year 1992 Parishad is working towards the object of resurrecting Bharatiya values and ingrain in idealism in the hearts of Advocates for improving efficacy and standards of the Bar and the Judiciary of the country. The Parishad has privilege of association of some of India’s most prominent legal luminaries which include Justice Rama Jois (Retd.) Shri U. R, Lalit, Senior Advocate, Shri Uttam Chand Israni, Senior Advocate, Justice Pravatha Rao, (Retd.) Justice V. S. Kokje (Retd.) and many more.

Parishad makes interventions within justice delivery system and contributes to the law-making process for the welfare of people. Parishad is working with non-partisan approach towards resolving the problems encountered by the society at large and the justice delivery system in particular with special focus on marginalised section of society. Adhivakta Parishad has been drawing the attention of the legal fraternity to various legal issues having social and cultural ramifications.


“NYAYAPRAVAH” means “IMPROVING EFFICIENCY OF AND INGRAINING IDEALISM, INTO THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM”. Nyayapravah is a Quarterly magazine launched by ABAP in 2019 for the first time.


The Akhil Bhartiya Adhivakta Parishad invites submissions for Volume XX Issue 79-80 October-December 2021 of Nyayapravah on ‘Bharatiya Jurisprudence’ with the following sub-themes:

  1. Ancient & Medieval Trends
  2. Modern Trends & Judicial Trends
  3. Bharatiya Jurisprudence & Personal Laws
  4. Judgment Analysis


  1. Long Articles: 4000-8000 words (excluding footnotes).
  2. Short Articles: 2000-4000 words (excluding footnotes).
  3. Case comment/ Judgement Analysis: 1500 words (excluding footnotes).
  4. Book review: 1000 words (excluding footnotes).


  • The quality-based selected work will be published in the form of an E-Journal. Only full submitted work as per the guidelines on or before the deadline shall be considered for publication.
  • Submission must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 300 words and author(s) affiliation. No work will be accepted without an abstract.
  • The articles must be at Times New Roman, Font Size 12, 1.5 line spacing, on an A4 sheet with 1” margin on all sides, to be sent in .doc/.docx format. A uniform style of citation must be strictly adhered to while submitting the paper which is ILI/ Recent Blue book Edition.
  • All manuscripts shall be submitted in the google form or via email and shall accompany: A cover letter with the Name(s) of the Author(s), Institution/Affiliation, the Title of the Manuscript, and Contact Information including an Email Address and Mobile Number. (Word file) Complete Manuscript (Word file) All submissions must be sent to the official mail with the aforesaid documents.
  • The content of the articles should be original and no plagiarized material should be sent for publication. The author is liable for any infringement. (permissible limit is 15%)
  • Copyright over the published material shall vest with the journal.


  • No Registration fee to be paid. Directly submit your original, authentic and well researched work.
  • Submit via filling the google form and sending an email “Subject: Submission of Article” at:
  • Confirmation of Paper Selection or Rejection will be sent within a week of submission.



  • Aastha: +91 9680426638
  • Muskan: +91 7210463836
  • Adv. Vedansh Anand: +91 8076802450

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