Internship Opportunity at Nyaay, Maatr Foundation, Indore [Offline]: Applications Open

About Nyaay –

Nyaay is a Legal Aid Cell of Maatr Foundation. Under this Legal Aid Cell, they look forward for the actual establishment of law (dharma) in today’s world. They want the citizens to regain belief in the system and judiciary. The word “NYAAY” means “justice”. Through the events they make people aware about the laws of nation & their rights and duties towards nation. The objectives include – Justice with equality, free legal aid to the needy, speedy and hassle-free litigation, rural litigation, corruption free procedure, online legal consultancy, public welfare through PIL and RTI, Legal awareness as well as aiding the government through our reports by working on several socio-legal topics. This legal aid cell also works as a think tank and research cell. We also provide legal internships to law students as well as students of other common disciplines.

About the Internship –

The interns shall gain basic and practical knowledge of the legal system of Indian courts. They will also learn the skills an advocate must possess. It is the most “raw” internship through which interns shall strengthen their basics.

  • Working will include back office and field work both.
  • Research Work on allotted topic
  • Article Writing
  • Socio-Legal Report making with stats, figures and data analysis
  • Surveying
  • Drafting and Documentation
  • Client Interaction
  • Meeting public and executive figures
  • Legal Awareness Camps
  • Rural Litigation
  • Court Visits, Lok Adalat, Jan sunwai, etc

Interns will receive a certificate at the completion of their internship and selected articles shall also be published.

Eligibility –

Law Graduates, Law students studying in 3rd year and above can apply. Graduates studying in sociology, humanities and public administration can also apply.

Location –

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

How to Apply?

E-mail a cover letter attached with your resume, mentioning the dates desired for internship to

Candidates applying for internship must bring below mentioned documents mandatorily:

  • Bonafide certificate/letter of recommendation from college with the heading “For NYAAY, Maatr Foundation, Indore”
  • ID cards issued by college.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Contact information

E-mail ID:

Website –

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