Aam Admi Party slammed for slow vaccination process

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation congratulating the citizens of the country on achieving the milestone of 1 billion doses of vaccination given to the mass. Within an hour of the PM’s address, the Aam Admi Party leader and Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Manish Sisodia came out loud criticising the government saying that milestone could be achieved six months before if the union government had made proper adequate arrangements and not exported vaccines at a time India faced a shortage of doses.

Mr Manish Sisodia through his social media handle Tweeted, “While celebration the 100 crore vaccine milestone, we must remember that if the central government made adequate arrangements in time and not invested in public relation activities, such as exporting doses when India was facing a shortage, then the medical teams across the country could have achieved the milestone at least six months ago”.

On Friday, 22nd October, 2021, Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi while addressing the nation proudly declared the achievement of India in the vaccination drive whereby, India securely and successfully completed giving 100 crore vaccine doses. Prime Minister said that the country has country has succeeded in its covid campaign and 130 citizens are behind it.

The rolling of vaccination drive started from January 16 onwards, starting with health workers later expanded its phases to all front line workers and thereafter to all the citizens having age 18 years of old. The Delhi government constantly had an argument over the issue of issue of export of vaccines to foreign countries at the time when India was going through hard times with the shortage of vaccines.  

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