Supreme Court Modifies SOP To Allow Virtual Hearing On Non-Miscellaneous Days For Any Reason

The Supreme Court has made one alteration to the Standard Working Method for physical hearing expressing that the seat will have the tact to provide virtual hearing alternative to a case on a non-miscellaneous day (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for any reason.

 As per the most recent SOP issued on October 7, the Court will have obligatory physical hearings on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All the things recorded on Tuesday, as a non-miscellaneous day, would too be listened in physical mode, in any case, on earlier application by the AOR for the party, appearance through video/teleconferencing mode will be encouraged. The virtual hearing choices is accessible as it were on random days (Monday and Friday).

  According to Clause 5 of the SOP of October 7, the seat seem give virtual hearing alternative for a case in the event that the number of attorneys are more than the working capacity of the court-room as per COVID-19 standards. This clause has been presently corrected to state that the seat may provide virtual hearing alternative on a non random day “for any other reason”.

 “If Hon’ble Seat is of the see in a specific matter recorded on non-miscellaneous days, the number of Direct is more than the working capacity of the Court-room, as per Covid-19 standards, or for any other reason the hearing of a matter be held through video/tele-conferencing/hybrid mode, the Registry will encourage hearing of such things through video/tele-conferencing/hybrid mode.

  It may be reviewed that a segment of the bar needed to have the choice of half breed hearing on all days. Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal had said the issue before the Chief Justice of India on Wednesday (when the October 7 SOP came into impact) and asked for keeping the crossover alternative open on all days. Sibal’s ask was supported by Specialist Common Tushar Mehta, Senior Advocates Dr.AM Singhvi and Mukul Rohatgi. The President of the Supreme Court Bar Affiliation, Senior Advocate Vikas Singh, however contradicted it, and said that the SCBA on the other hand needs as it were physical hearing on all days.

 Yesterday was the primary day when the Supreme Court had complete physical hearings for the primary time since Walk 2020, when the Court had exchanged to virtual working due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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