Aryan Khan Not A First Time Offender : ASG Anil Singh For NCB Before Bombay High Court

Aryan Khan is not the first time offender pointed out by Narcotics Control Bureau .

ASG Anil Singh advocating the anti drug agency told the court that Aryan khan has the previous record of involvement in drug supply . Not just in small and insignificant but in commercial and bulk quantity asserted  by ASG in Mumbai High Court .

Hon’ble Court is hearing the bail application filed by Aryan khan when asked the ASG about the basis of allegation . ASG submitted that the whatsapp chat of accused is adequate enough to prove that he attempted to deal with commercial quantity .

When ASG submitted that 8 out of 11 people were in possession of drugs and that together makes a commercial quantity .

On the above argument court asked the ASG that should it be given cumulative effect ?

Accused was arrested and charged with section 8(c) rad with 20(b) , 27 and 28 of NDPS Act .

NCB’s Argument

Conscious possession of drugs

Aryan was travelling with his friend Arbaaz who had 6gm of charas with him for their consumption , though Aryan had not actual physical possession but has a conscious mental possession .

Accused were admittedly going to have “a blast” at cruise party .

Aryan admitted the fact that charas in possession is to be used inside the cruise party to blast .

Case of conspiracy

NCB invoked charge of conspiracy under section 29 , to which ASG advocated that many subsequent arrest forms a chain , which no doubt signals threat of illegal activities under section 29 .

Conspiracy needs to be investigated , however it is bit harder to prove as only conspirators secretly know about it .

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