Calcutta High Court Bans Fire Crackers In West Bengal During Diwali And Other Festivals

The Calcutta High Court ordered an absolute ban on usage of firecrackers this season of Diwali and kali puja . Green crackers are also not permitted to burst . This ban will continue to Nanak Jayanti , Chath puja , Christmas and new year celebration . Court observed that only wax and oil contained diyas will be allowed .

The court adjudicated because PIL filed by Ms. Roshni Ali an environment activist , who proposed that it is every person’s fundamental right to be in clean , green and breathable air under article 21 .

ASG said that court should have a neutral stand on this , also consider the rights of manufacturers , he shows report of west Bengal pollution control board which proposes  to allow use of green crackers for a limited time of 2 hours this Diwali . Court rad  the report but said that we can’t kill people following on it blindly .

Court further observed that it’s a hard hit on manufacturers as they are left in lurch at the 11th hour , but their rights must be overlooked over the general public as they are microscopic minority .

As of now we don’t have any mechanism to enforce the only use of green crackers , It will be difficult for police to check the nature of cracker after it bursted and even tougher to stop the sellers from giving all kinds of crackers secretly , so this year no use of fire crackers .

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