New look on ‘Pegasus’ issue from judiciary

Congress leader and Member of Parliament, Mr Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, 27th October, 2021 claimed that Pegasus was an attempt to “crush Indian democracy”. He was addressing the press conference after an hour the apex court-appointed a three-member Panel of cyber experts in order to take a deep down investigation of the alleged use of the Israeli spyware for snooping.

Rahul Gandhi stated in the press conference held on 27th October, 2021, “Pegasus is an attempt to crush Indian democracy. Pegasus is an attack on the country and country’s institutions. I am confident that the Supreme Court will get the truth out”.

The Lok Sabha member and Congress leader also asked the BJP led Central Government to reply, “Which agency bought Pegasus”. He also said, “During the last Parliament session, we raised the Pegasus issue. Today, the Supreme Court has given its opinion and supported what we were saying”.

Adding to that Mr Rahul Gandhi said, “We were asking three questions, who authorized Pegasus, who was it used against and did any other country have access to information of our people?” Mr Gandhi said that the Congress leader would further raise this issue in the Parliament also. Whereby, he said in his statement, “I am sure BJP will not like to have a debate on this”.

In continuation of his statement, Mr Rahul Gandhi said, “Pegasus was used against chief ministers, former Prime Ministers and BJP’s ministers among others. Was the Prime Minister and Home Minister getting the data obtained through the use of Pegasus? If the data of phone tapping of the chief election commissioner and opposition leaders are going to the Prime Minister, then it’s a criminal act”.

Meanwhile, the information came that the three-member technical panel which has been appointed by the Supreme Court of India to have a thorough investigation on the Pegasus Spyware. This technical panel will be administered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judge Justice R.V. Raveendran.

The technical panel set up by the Supreme Court of India will be comprised of eminent expert personalities like Naveen Kumar Chaudhury, Prabharan P and Ashwin Anil Gumaste. A bench headed by Chief Justice NV Ramana said on Wednesday that it was inclined to pass an order appointing the Expert Committee whose functioning will be overseen by a Retired Judge of the Supreme Court.  The Bench in its statement said, “Such a course of action has been adopted by this Court in various other circumstances when the Court found it fit in the facts and circumstances of the case to probe the truth or falsity of certain allegations, taking into account the public importance and the alleged scope and nature of the large scale violation of the fundamental rights of the citizens of the country”. 

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