West Bengal: The State government fixes time for crackers, allows green crackers

The West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) has announced that the authority will put a ban on the fireworks and bursting of crackers except for the green crackers. This move was made in order to keep the pollution in check and also to lower the rate of pollution in those regions where it is high keeping in view the upcoming Kali Puja celebration, Chhath Puja, Christmas Celebration and New Year.

The specified timing has also been fixed by the Pollution Control Board for the bursting of green crackers whereby the given timing is 8:00 Pm-10:00 Pm on Diwali, 6:00 Am-8:00 Am on Chath Puja and 11:55 Pm- 12:30 Am for Christmas Celebration and New Year.

Therefore, enforcing the law clearly mentions that agencies are at the liberty to prosecute anyone breaching the government directions. Adding to that, the Government directions also clearly reflects that there is a provision of taking strict actions against those involved with storing, carrying, selling or bursting conventional fireworks.

The decision for the ban of conventional fireworks has been taken keeping in view the facts that the bursting of crackers releases harmful chemicals which have a severe impact on human health and also the fact that such pollutant aggravates the health condition of Covid-19 positive patients. The latest assessment of air quality of the state of West Bengal has also been taken into consideration.

The promoting use of Green crackers over conventional fireworks is encouraged because green crackers are completely safe and free from chemicals like lithium, barium, lead and arsenic. The green crackers produce 30%-35% less emission compared to conventional fireworks.

The government order clearly said in its direction, “Prior permission of district magistrate/ police commissioners/ superintendent of police shall be required for use of green crackers for a limited period (not more than two hours) in the state”. According to WBPCB member Secretary Roshni Sen, the order is in compliance with the Supreme Court Judgement in 2018 and the National Green Tribunal order 2020.

The State government is looking forward to getting better and quality air in the atmosphere. This is one of the best moves ever taken by any of the govt from the perspective of the environment over the issue of the betterment of the atmosphere from pollution. The People of the state will keep a keen eye on the development of purity of air and will also ensure better human health in the state.

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