Assam Human Rights Commission Seeks Status Of Probe Into 3 Bangladesh Nationals’ Lynching Case

The Assam Human Rights Commission has issued a new notice to the Superintendent of Police of the Karimganj area looking for the status of the test into the midnight lynching of 3 Bangladeshi nationals (charged cattle smugglers) in July final year.

 The commission was acting on a complaint made by Advocate Baglekar Akash Kumar two days after the incident. Earlier, noticing that the test into this case was however to be completed by the Karimganj Locale police, the Commission had, by its arrange dated September 22, 2021 inquired the Superintendent of Police, Karimganj to yield a status report of the progressing investigation.

 Stressing that any shape of lynching can’t be allowed in our society, the Commission headed by Justice T. Vaiphei, in its arrange watched that such a matter ought to not go unpunished as something else, it would send a off-base flag to others. Against this scenery, the Court  once more coordinated the Superintendent of Police, Karimganj to yield the show status of the investigation of the case to the Commission on or before November 29, 2021.

 “We appreciate the challenges confronted by the police in distinguishing or capturing the offenders included in such lynching case. But at that point, the troubles in examination cannot be a ground for abandoning the examination or half-heartedly exploring the case because as such demean or, in the event that received by the police, will never in still fear within the minds of the open, the Commission focused.

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