Day In Release After Bail : Need For ‘Faster’ In All Courts

In the age of information technology , we are still looking at pegions to communicate the orders . “C.J.I “ N.V Rammana said on reservation of jail officials to release the 17 prisoners ,even after bail orders , because hard copy of bail order is not received by them .

C.J.I took this matter suo moto after reading the report of Agra newspaper .

As per the practice in arthur road jail , post box is installed in front of jail and it will not be cleared till 5 pm .

The bail order of Aryan khan given yesterday at 3:30 pm by Bombay high court , even after one more night spent in jail , aryan is not released by jail authorities saying no special treatment will be given to him .This would be a grave infringement to one’s right to personal liberty , how come jail authority release him as per their own convenience .

Why insistence on hard copies .

In this advanced era of technological dependence we should leave the archaic practice of bailbox for physical delivery of hard copies . To resolve this Supreme Court designed a new process ‘FASTER’ (faster and secured transmission of electronic records) . Its high time to use efficient means of transmission .

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