Varun Gandhi made a fresh attack on the Central Government

Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Member of Parliament, Mr Varun Gandhi made a fresh attack on his own party supporting the farmer’s protest. Mr Gandhi assured the farmers that he will continue his support to the last point till they get their legitimate requirement.

Mr Varun Gandhi said that the farmer would continue to be exploited in mandis till there is no legal guarantee for minimum support prices (MSPs). Mr Gandhi made a statement through the medium of Twitter that said, “Till there is no statutory guarantee of MSP, farmers will continue to be exploited in mandis. Strict action should be taken on this”.

Nearly, more than thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh are protesting against the three farm laws in the border region of Delhi since November 28, 2020, demanding for a complete repeal of three farm laws and a legal guarantee on minimum support price for their crop.

Mr Varun Gandhi who has been consistently critical of the government have shared a video clip purportedly showing a man setting fire to a heap of paddy crop after his effort to sell it failed. Adding to that, Mr Gandhi also said, “There is no greater punishment that a farmer can inflict upon himself than setting fire to his own crops. We must all introspect as to why the system has pushed them to the edge for no fault of their own. It is a failure of all in the nation if we cannot protect those who feed us”.

Recently, there was seen a rising rift between the BJP Party and Two Gandhis (Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi) and which resulted in the expulsion of Gandhis from the National Executive Committee of the Party. This development came hours after Varun Gandhi’s critical Tweet against the Govt on the issues of the Lakhimpur Kheri incident.     

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