West Bengal chief minister takes a dig on congress for the power in BJP’s hands

Taking a dig at Congress, West Bengal chief minsiter and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will become more powerful as the grand old party is not serious about politics. She said that the country is suffering because of Congress’ lack of decision-making skills and non-seriousness. “I cannot say everything right now because they didn’t take politics seriously. Modiji is going to be more powerful because of the Congress. If one cannot make a decision, why should the country suffer for that?” she said.

Apparently targeting the BJP-led central government, she said there was enough of Delhi’s ‘dadagiri’ (bullying). Mamata was addressing a group of media persons in Panaji on the last day of her three-day visit to Goa. Assembly polls are due early next year in Goa.

“They (Congress) got opportunity (in the past). Instead of fighting against BJP, they contested against me in my state. Don’t you think when they contested against me, when they contest my political party in Bengal,” said Mamata.

She said the TMC believes in distributing seats for the regional parties in elections. TMC has announced that it will be contesting all 40 seats in the upcoming Goa elections.

“I want that the regional parties should be strong. We want that the federal structure should be strong. We should make states strong, if states are strong, then the Centre will be strong. Delhi ka dadagiri amka naka (We don’t want Delhi’s bullying), enough is enough,” she said. When asked about what decisions she thinks the Congress should be taking, she said, “I am not going to discuss about the Congress because this is not my party. I have set up my regional party and without any support from anybody, we formed the government thrice.”

“Let them decide. That is my system also, I don’t interfere in any other political party’s business, I can say about my political party and our fight will continue. We are not going to bow down our head to BJP,” she added.

Earlier on Saturday, Mamata also hit out at the Centre over the increasing inflation and said that instead of bringing ‘ache din’, they are finishing the country.

“Inflation is high. LPG, diesel-petrol prices have increased. Businesses affected due to GST, exports down but BJP is not serious to solve these issues. They said will bring ‘ache din’ but they are finishing this country,” said the TMC chief.

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