20-Yr-Old Allegedly Found In Conscious Possession of 19 Grams ‘Chitta’ Granted Bail By HP High Court Noting His ‘Tender Age’

Taking under consideration his ‘tender age’, the Himachal Pradesh High Court as of late allowed safeguard to a 20-year-old boy who was purportedly found by the state police within the cognizant ownership of 19.5 grams of ‘Chitta’ (artificially delivered drugs).

 The Seat of Justice Ajay Mohan Goel too watched that it was not in debate that the booty recouped from the conscious ownership of him was of halfway amount which he may be a 20 a long time ancient boy having no past criminal history of a case beneath the NDPS Act.

 “What is weighing with the Court is the delicate age of the solicitor, the Court famous whereas allowing him bail.

 Case in brief

 The case of the indictment is that on August 19, 2021, amid the customary checking of vehicles in see of the looming visit of VIP to the town, a police party halted a transport, in which, the applicant was found sitting, who was holding an orange coloured zipper in his arms. When the police party inquired him as to what was the reason of his visit, the applicant got confused and he seem not deliver any palatable reply. On that, the police party suspected that there may  be a few suspicious article with the petitioner.

 This driven to his look, which brought about within the recuperation of 19.52 grams of Chitta from him, and thus, he was booked beneath Section 21 of the NDPS Act and was captured by taking after the legitimate customs. From there on, he moved to the High Court’s observations.

  At the start, the Court underscored that whether or not the petitioner is guilty of the offense alleged against him may be a matter of trial which in the event that eventually, he is sentenced for the commission of the offense supposedly committed by him, at that point, but self-evident, he would confront the consequences.

 However, noticing that he is fair 20 a long time ancient and has been supposedly secured with an halfway amount of Chitta and has no past criminal history of having committed an offense beneath the NDPS act, in this manner, the Court permitted his safeguard supplication by requesting his discharge from the jail on his outfitting individual safeguard bond to the tune of Rs. 50K with one surety.

  Case title – Gaurav Thakur v. The State Of Himachal Pradesh

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