V.M Salgaocar’s 7th International Dispute Resolution Competition: Lex Infinitum [Feb 23rd -27TH  2021] : Register by Nov 30TH  2021

About the Competition:

VM Salgaocar College of Law, Goa in collaboration with the Association for International Dispute Resolution (AIDR) proudly presents the 6th edition of the Lex Infinitum: International Dispute Resolution Competition.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the prestigious 7th Edition of Lex Infinitum (VMSCL-AIDR) will be held in an online mode from 23rs to 27th February 2022, where a maximum of both 36 Negotiating Teams and 18 Mediators from around the world will be selected to compete.

In its last six editions, Lex Infinitum has seen teams from Kenya, Singapore, London, Czech Republic, Poland, United States of America, Europe and all across India. It is judged by the finest experts in the field of ADR from all around the world. The competition is a platform to network, innovate and keep abreast of the latest happenings in the field of ADR.

The Expert Assessors also share their knowledge of ADR in interactive Knowledge Sessions which are open to all. For more information Click Here (https://lexinfinitum.in/knowledge-session/)

Online Platform:

The competition will be conducted through the online platform Zoom. All the participating teams should have good access to the internet and be able to access the above said online platform.

Application Procedure:

Universities can apply for one or both teams (Negotiating Team or Mediator). However, the application and selection process for Negotiating team and Mediators is entirely separate. Each team gets admitted separately. One admission has no influence on the other.

For details on eligibility, competition format and rules please click HERE (https://lexinfinitum.in/teams/) Last date to register is 30th November 2020.

We invite professionals and trained mediators to judge & train the participants. To register as an Expert Assessor, click HERE (https://lexinfinitum.in/experts/)

Registration Fees:

International Teams

The Registration Fees for Applicant teams from Institutions outside India are as follows:

  • International Negotiating Team [Two-member team] –  $100/- USD
  • International Mediator [One-member team] –       $50/- USD
  • No separate fees shall be charged for the Coach registered by the Teams, if any.

National Teams

The Registration fees for Applicant Teams from Institutions in India are as follows:

  • National Negotiating Team [Two-member team] –  INR 5000/-
  • National Mediator [One-member team] –    INR 2500/-
  • No separate fees shall be charged for the Coach registered by the Teams, if any.


Prize money worth Rs.1,00,000/- and trophies will be awarded to winners. All participants will be awarded E- Certificates.


For any further queries and questions contact us on: teams.lexinfinitum@gmail.com / lexinfinitum.vms@gmail.com or for further details, click HERE (https://lexinfinitum.in/).

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