Why Petrol And Diesel Excluded From GST : Kerela High Court

Kerela High Court on Monday asked the G.S.T Council that why petrol and diesel are not covered within ambit of G.S.T . Court took the matter on petition filed by Gandhi Darshanvedhi who challenged the decision of G.S.T Council . Court gave the 10 day limit to G.S.T council for explaining the exclusion of fuel from the list .

Petitioner stated that due to the difference in rates of tax levied by different states there is a difference in cost of petrol and diesel in states . It is a serious to nationalisation and harmonisation of economy as idea contemplated under article 279 .

He further adds that this increase in cost of petrol and diesel has caused increase in fare of vehicles which caused hardships to common people , The rise in prices of petrol and diesel has badly affected all fields of life . The unprecedented hike in fuel price put people in suffering which violate their right to life .

Court accepted the petition and sought reasons from G.S.T Council for not doing the same .

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