Communal Violence Like Lava , Leaves Earth Fertile For Future revenge : Kapil Sibal In Gujarat Riots

The senior advocate Kapil Sibal got emotional while talking about the 2002 Gujarat riots . He was representing Zakia Jafri widow of Ehsan Zafri congress lader who got killed amid the riots . The petitioner is challenging the clean chit given by supreme court to then chief minister modi and high officials of Gujarat .

Kapil Sibal in detail discussed the missing points and flaws of SIT . he also said that communal riots are like lava out of volcano , wherever touches the ground makes the earth infertile forever . He was almost choked and crying , he also shared haunting experience of partition where he lost his grandparents .

Sibal further stated that SIT has not done its job properly , not included phone recordings in its report , The clips of Tehalka magazine showed voluntary admission of crime by individuals ignored by SIT totally .

The curfew in Godhra was declared immediately but in Ahmedabad it was delayed until 12 pm . The crowd gathered 7 in the morning with trishuls and weapons in hands . It can be so devastating even imagination is undesirable . Police have not come forth to take action to prevent this . The state intelligence reports regarding Karsevaks and communal tensions was ignored .

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