Very difficult for people like us to comprehend the hard work judges do: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju

The Minister commended the teamwork displayed by Chief Justice of India NV Ramana and Justice UU Lalit in furthering the cause of the National Legal Services Authority.

During the Legal Services Day celebrations held on Tuesday, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju highlighted the hard work that goes into being a judge.

He took note of comments made recently on social media and other fora, opining that many people do not understand a judge’s responsibility.

“In the Court we know what judges do and what is their primary responsibility. Many people do not understand. I’ve stated on many occasions the life of a judge. You may have heard many comments these days, especially on social media, there are some unpalatable remarks also being made. But when you see closely how much judges have to perform, the hard work, the homework, the studies – it is very difficult for people like us to comprehend.

Rijiju emphasised that judges cannot be as open as others who lead a public life due to certain limitations.

“We are from public life, we are open, but judges can’t be that open, they have their own limitations. If you understand how much a judge has to devote his time give a pronouncement, it is not easy for a judge to come out of conventional duty & look after services like legal aid etc.”

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