Climate change: How US-China Glasgow deal may help fight global warming

At the Paris summit on climate change in 2015, world leaders agreed to contain global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, and strive to bring Earth’s average temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius, below the pre-industrial levels. But how to do it has been a bone of contention. Now, at the Glasgow summit, a deal between the United States and China offers fresh hope. The US and China are the world’s two largest carbon emitters. A day before the Glasgow summit concludes, the two countries signed a deal on Thursday to increase cooperation on tackling climate change.

They did not declare new carbon emission targets but announced a commitment to work together to speed up emissions reductions required to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement. The US-China agreement raised hopes for the COP26 global summit to conclude positively on Friday night. China’s absence in the climate change plan of action could potentially threaten the Paris Agreement. The US-China deal is significant not only on the carbon emissions count but for reducing the methane levels.

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