Danny Fenster: A Myanmar court has sentenced a US journalist to 11 years in prison

Danny Fenster, a US journalist, was convicted to 11 years in prison by a Myanmar military court.

Fenster was found guilty of breaking immigration laws, forming an illegal association, and promoting military disobedience.

He was charged with two more counts of sedition and terrorism earlier this week, with a possible sentence of life in jail.

On November 16, he will go on trial for the new charges.

In May, Fenster, 37, the managing editor of the online publication Frontier Myanmar, was arrested at Yangon International Airport. Since a military coup in February, he is one of dozens of local journalists who have been jailed.

Fenster had previously worked for Myanmar Now, an independent news outlet that has been critical of the military since the coup, according to Frontier.

“All of the charges stemmed from allegations that he worked for Myanmar Now, a banned news organisation. Danny had left Myanmar Now in July 2020 and joined Frontier the following month, thus he had been with Frontier for more than nine months when he was arrested in May 2021 According to the news source, “There is no evidence to support Danny’s conviction on these counts.”

His sentencing comes months after a Japanese freelance journalist was arrested and charged with spreading fake news in Myanmar.

Yuki Kitazumi was one of the few foreign reporters in the country, reporting for many of Japan’s main news agencies. Myanmar police claim he broke the law, but he was released after Japan requested it.

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