Maharashtra: Mallik threatens to file a case of defamation, if Fadnavis do not apologises

Over a while, the verbal spat between Nawab Mallik and Devendra Fadnavis has been the most flooded news on social media. And now there has been an update where it is found Mr Nawab Mallik threatened to file a case of defamation against the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr Davendra Fadnavis, if the latter does not apologise for his comments. 

Mr Fadnavis recently during an interview at the media conference have made a lethal attack on Nawab Mallik whereby, the former said, “You can imagine the state of the party in whose house drugs were found”. 

Following this controversial statement, Mr Sameer Khan, the son-in-law of Nawab Mallik, sent a legal notice to Mr Fadnavis over his comment. Earlier this year, Mr Sameer Khan was arrested in a drug-related case and is presently out on bail. Mr Khan through his lawyer, said no drugs were found on him and has claimed Rs 5 crores in damages from the former chief minister of the state. 

Nawab Mallik also said, “A big deal is being made out of a small quantity of drugs in Maharashtra but nothing happens when a large quantity is found in Gujarat”. Mr Mallik and Fadnavis have entered into a situation of fatal war of words. Mallik trying hard to level his allegation against Fadnavis in the Aryan Khan drug case.                                                                 

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