There is a need of 2 days lockdown in delhi just because of the Pollution. Supreme court ordered the central department to take some emergency steps

On Saturday, Supreme court shared the serious concern about the air quality in delhi. As well as they asked the Central Government of India to take emergency steps or serious measures to control the pollution in delhi.

Other sources of pollution, like as traffic pollution, firecrackers, and dust management, were mentioned by the bench, which included Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, Justice DY Chandrachud, and Justice Surya Kant.

As you can see, stubble burning accounts for a portion of the contribution, while the rest is due to pollution in Delhi, specifically crackers, industry, and dust. Take urgent action to maintain control. Tell us how we can reduce the AQI by 200 points right away. If a two-day lockdown is required, how will people survive?” the Chief Justice of India told India’s Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta.

“We want to feel better in 2-3 days,” the CJI said.

When Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra, who was representing the Delhi Government, brought up the matter of stubble burning, Justice Surya Kant responded, “It is now fashionable to criticise farmers, whether it is the Delhi government or someone else. What happened to the ban on firecrackers that was enacted? What were the Delhi cops up to? “..

The hearing was adjourned till Monday, with the Central Government being asked to inform the bench of the emergency measures taken to address the problem.

A discussion in the courtroom.

“It is a burning issue…we have seen how awful the situation is…even in our homes, we are wearing masks,” the Chief Justice of India noted at the outset, referring to the national capital’s deteriorating air quality. The CJI wanted to know what steps the authorities were taking to correct the situation.

Tushar Mehta, India’s Solicitor General, stated that he is not taking an adversarial stance against the petitioners or any state governments, and that everyone is “fighting the battle” in their own way.

Other than stubble, other sources of pollution account for 80% of pollution.

The bench then stated that there are other sources of pollution that must be addressed in addition to stubble-burning.

“You must respond to the CJI’s question on how the 80 percent of pollution in Delhi is caused by factors other than stubble burning…

What is being done in this regard? “Observed Justice Surya Kant.

The Chief Justice of India stated that he does not wish to remark on the precise percentage of contribution, but that there are other sources of pollution.

The petition’s background

The petition requested that small and marginal farmers be provided with free stubble clearing machines in order to reduce high particulate matter levels in the air.

The petitioners are asking for requisite orders to be issued to the Respondent-States to ensure that proper stubble removing machines are available to small and marginal farmers in the affected states at no cost.

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