Welfare State Has To Ensure No One Dies Of Hunger : Supreme Court

The Supreme Court emphasised that no one should die of hunger after 70 years of independence . Court granted 3 weeks of time to central government to frame Pan India policy for food supply and to make community kitchens available to the poor .

Affidavit filed by under secretary of ministry of food and consumer affairs to which court expressed its unhappiness and said principal secretary has to file this .

The court is dissatisfied by the affidavit which talks only about the matter already recorded . It submitted the data , facts and schemes ran by different state governments . Court really find this disturbing and asks to make a Pan India policy , The court said that don’t give information already stated by affidavit of state governments . You are just collecting information like a cop , In 17 page long affidavit you showed no intention of implementation of policy , have you talked to state governments or discussed it with them .

The court got dissatisfied because the filing of affidavit by under secretary , put concerns before AG KK Venugopal and said that institutions must be respected , a responsible officer must file an affidavit .

We already became too late to implement this policy , Court is adjurned  for 3 weeks till next hearing , government must come with a definite framework , all state government representatives must be there in next court hearing .

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