Nasty Utterances Made Against Me In Media That I Misled The Court On Stubble Burning : Solicitor General

Court in hearing the case of worsening of air quality in Delhi , Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that my statement was misconstrued and some nasty and irresponsible utterances were being made by some media houses , I as a highest law officer can’t go and clarify them so I thought to reframe my statement with context in courtroom .

On Solicitor General’s Getting in panic Justice D.Y Chandrachud said that court was not at all misled and you face criticism sometimes when you hold a public office .

On previous hearing S.G stated that stubble burning contributes only 4% in the total pollution in an year , this statement was projected by government as elections are coming in the state. The fact is stubble burning done in month of October and November , post –diwali Contributes 35-40% of pollution in these two months .

The court observed that we don’t want to force our orders to farmers , need the reasons why they are not following the reports , we understand the plight of the farmers . Pollution by stubble farming is comparatively less than the Industrial emission , vehicular transport etc . Court directs the centre to take emergency steps to address these issues .

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