In spite of there being one-on-one meetings of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot with the senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi in the capital, the expansion plans for the state cabinet do not seem to be going anywhere, and reportedly have been delayed.

According to reports, the new political appointments along with the role of Pilot in the freshly constituted cabinet is to be dwelled on and decided soon.

Amidst the news of Congress considering ‘One leader-One post’ for the party, the cabinet of Rajasthan is undergoing change with three senior members holding more than one responsibility in the party removed from the assembly.

The replacements of the members have not been announced as of yet, and discussions are going on. All of this is happening with the assembly elections coming up in 2023.

The recent statement made by Sachin Pilot claiming that he desires to change the trend in the state by winning the next assembly election of Rajasthan is also making headlines.

Taking about fighting strongly and altering the trend of BJP and Congress coming to power in the state alternatively every year, Pilot has been quoted as saying that, “Less than two years are left for Rajasthan Assembly polls, we want to strengthen the organisation for it”.

He reasserted the need to focus to achieve their goal and commented on taking decisions while keeping in mind all significant aspects like experience, creditability, caste combinations and regional balance.

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