Real capex will revive in 9-12 months. says Axis Bank CEO Amitabh Chaudhry

Even as large corporations firm up greenfield and brownfield investment plans, Amitabh Chaudhry, CEO, Axis Bank, believes that real capex will revive in the next 9-12 months and will signal the revival of credit offtake. Chaudhry, who was reappointed as MD of the bank for another three years, tells Saloni Shukla that he had pivoted the bank toward a better quality franchise and the bank would soon catch up with the NIMs and RoAs reported by the likes of ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

The festive season has been better than what was expected. Optimism is returning, there have been a lot of conversations around incremental capex which will take place soon. Some of them have announced investment plans but the real capex will start coming in only in the next 9-12 months when the credit offtake will start. On the government side, earlier only a couple of areas were spending like defence and infrastructure but I am now told other departments are also being pushed to spend. The GST and tax collections are looking good, so the government has some spare money to spend.

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