Former ministers V Saroja and K T Rajenthrabhalaji are facing different job racketeering cases

Two former AIADMK ministers — K T Rajenthrabhalaji and V Saroja — both facing different job racketeering cases, got relief in Madras high court on Friday, as the court orally directed police to arrest them till November 24. Admitting their anticipatory bail applications, Justice M Nirmal Kumar orally instructed the police not to arrest them till November 24.

According to the prosecution, FIRs have been registered against Rajenthrabhalaji based on complaints that he had swindled money to the tune of Rs 30 lakh from various people promising jobs in Aavin, a co-operative milk producing company owned by the state government.

Opposing the bail applications, public prosecutor Hasan Mohamed Jinnah submitted that there is one more serious allegation against Rajenthrabhalaji that he planned to eliminate a person by engaging professional killers.

Recording the same, the judge said that he will take up the matter for final hearing on November 24.

To this, senior advocate M Ajmal Khan, representing Rajenthrabhalaji submitted that considering the present political climate in the state interim protection is necessary.

“If the intention of the police was to arrest and harass the petitioner, they would have done that by now. FIR was registered on November 15 but so far they have not done anything,” the judge said.

Similarly, an FIR was registered against Saroja based on a complaint that she had cheated various people to the tune of 76.50 lakh promising noon-meal organiser jobs in the social welfare department of the state.

While Rajenthrabhalaji alleged that the cases had been registered against him due to political enmity, Saroja said that the complainant was her close relative and the case had been foisted due to family enmity.

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