Supreme Court Restrains KRDCL From Felling Heritage Trees For Bengaluru Road Widening Till HC Decides Dispute

The Supreme Court of India has controlled the Karnataka Road Development Corporation (KRDCL) from felling legacy trees for broadening of different streets around Bangalore, until the matter is chosen by the Karnataka High Court.

 A division seat of Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice A.S. Bopanna said, “Amid the course of the hearing, we have communicated the see that we would anticipate KRDCL not to require any advance activity in regard of the remaining trees, for the another week having respect to the reality that the High Court would be taking up the matter on November 19,” Petitioner Dattatraya T Devare had drawn closer the court challenging an arrange dated September 20, by which the High Court had allowed the felling of 100 heritage’ trees. The court had acknowledged a nitty gritty and thorough report recorded by the University of Agricultural Sciences (GKVK), Bengaluru, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science. It had permitted the 7th respondent (KRDCL) to continue ahead within the light of the report submitted by the University of Agricultural Sciences(GKVK), Bengaluru.

 Senior Advocate Dhyan Chinappa showing up for KRDLC submitted that as on date, of the 91 trees which are proposed to be felled,18 trees are cleared out intaglio separated from 9 trees which are to be translocated. Additionally, it has been submitted that of a add up to of 7512 trees which would be influenced by the extend, the Master Committee has conceived that 3068 trees would be cut, 642 trees would be held and 1801 trees would be translocated. He indeed fought that, “There are genuine challenges within the way of changing the arrangement of the street and it was in this background that KRDSL indeed concurred to having the matter re-examined by the Master Committee once again. In see of the report of the EC, it has been encouraged that there’s no justify within the grievance of the petitioners.”

 The seat on going through the accommodation famous, “Since the matter is pending before the Karnataka High Court it would be suitable to give freedom to the solicitors to raise the concerns which they have raised within the show procedures before the Division Seat when the matter comes up on the following date of posting which is 19 November 2021. Allowing freedom to the applicants to do so, we arrange of the Special Leave Petition without communicating any supposition of this Court on the merits of the match disputes. “It included, “We request the Division Bench of the High Court to consider the entries of the solicitors when the matter is taken on 19 November 2021 or on a proximate date as would sub-serve the exigencies of the work of the Court “However, the matter was not recorded for hearing nowadays before the High Court.

 Case Title: Dattatraya T Devare & Anr. v. State Of Karnataka & Ors

 Case No: Special Leave to Appeal (C) No 17310/2021

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