Fear of surge of coronavirus cases by experts leads the US government on Friday to open up the covid-19 booster shots to all adults. Nown the biggest confusion arises is that who is eligible for booster shot? The Food and Drug Administration has simplified this confusion, now anyone who is 18 or above can take Pfizer or Moderna booster 6 months after their last dose regardless of which vaccine they had first. But the final confirmation by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention it still outstanding to finalize their policy. If CDS approves many Americans who are 6 months past their last Pfizer or Moderna shot could get an extra dose of protection before the new year. This decision is taken in light of cold season, case is going up, high travel season which can leads to high spread of cases. The first priority still is getting more unvaccinated Americans their first dose. That’s because all three covid-19 vaccine used in the US continue to offer a strong protection against severe illness including hospitalization and death without a booster. But protection against infection can wane with time. This shows that the US is ready for the battle but what about India? Many Indians still have not taken even their first dose of vaccine they are threat to the ones who have already taken it. India needs to have a proper planning by seeing its vast population if we don’t want to bring the situation like before which we faced in our second wave.

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