Uttrakhand High Court Directs DGP that “Strict action will be taken when someone opposes the couples who maary without the will or wishes of family.

As the adults have a right to marry with their own choice. And no person has the right to pressurise them, even the person who belongings to their family or friends.

In last week the Uttrakhand High Court directed the General of Police. If someone is opposing the couples. And there is some threat from these people. Strict action must be taken against these people. This bench was conducted by Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and Justice Alok Verma.

In light of this, the Court had previously ordered the Director-General of Police to issue a circular to the police force with strict instructions that if any police officer receives a complaint about a threat being made to a young couple or those planning to marry, a FIR should be filed immediately, and strict action should be taken against those who threatened the young couple.

When the Director-General of Police notified the Court that such a circular had been published, he assured the Court that the aforementioned circular would be carefully obeyed by the police force, despite the fact that cases continue to appear before the Court.

In essence, the Court was dealing with a case in which the complainant filed a harassment report with the police, but no action was taken, so the complainant went to the High Court.

Despite the fact that a FIR was filed in response to her second complaint, the police took no action against the specified individuals. As a result, the Court directed the Director-General of Police to take action against the S.H.O. in question.

The DGP notified the Court that action had been taken against the relevant S.H.O. when he appeared before the Court. Furthermore, the State’s Deputy Advocate General notified the Court that the complainant and her family members had been given police protection, and that the subject property was being guarded by the police.

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