The first phase of local body elections in Tripura were marred by allegations that ruling BJP workers attacked opposition All India Trinamool Congress and CPM workers and intimidated voters. Over 80% voted, by initial estimates, in elections to 51 seats to the Agartala Municipal Corporation and 171 seats in seven municipal councils and six nagar panchayats on Thursday.  The votes are supposedly to be counted on the coming Sunday i.e., on 28th November.

AITC state convenor Subal Bhowmilk has been quoted as alleging that, “People’s verdict will not be reflected when results are announced. Unfair means were used to conduct voting. Police and election commission officials sided with the ruling party. Residences of several AITC candidates were attacked last night and attempts were made to set their houses on fire. At least five party members were attacked, and many supporters were prevented from voting. The police simply stood by as silent spectators.”

Leaders of the CPM Party have also lodged accusations on the BJP of rigging the elections. Phulon Bhattacharjee, a CPM leader has stated that the voters were openly threatened by BJP workers to vote for the party.

The Bharatiya Janta Party has obviously and vehemently denied all allegations coming forth.

“AITC and CPM are making baseless allegations as they know well that they would be defeated. Elections were held in a festive spirit,” BJP spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharya said.

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