The supreme court said on the plea which was seeking investigations on the deaths caused by Covid-19 vaccination that, “we can’t doubt on the vaccination”.

In the face of “increasing mortality and bad effects after COVID vaccines,” the Supreme Court on Friday ordered that the appeal seeking orders to the Centre to follow up, record, and publicise incidents of death happening within 30 days of immunisation be served on the SG’s office.

For the petitioner, Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves told the bench led by Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, “At the time this case was filed, there had been 900 recorded vaccine-related deaths across the country. Healthy folks collapsing and dying while getting vaccinated.”

According to Justice Chandrachud, “It’s possible that the vaccine isn’t to blame, or that the vaccine isn’t the root of the problem. What is the link between the two? For unknown causes, immunisation does not prevent deaths.”

“Maybe. However, we must have a monitoring system in place to keep track of this. Furthermore, these fatalities must be investigated: why did he die? Is it possible that there was a clot in the heart? He needs to be sent to the hospital for a checkup since he has a clot in his brain “, Mr. Gonsalves stated.

He went on to mention the 2015 central government ‘Adverse Effect After Immunization’ Guidelines- the ‘Surveillance and Response’ Operational Guidelines, which contained a mandate to the tens of thousands of healthworkers, such as Asha and Aanganwaadi workers, to check on and follow-up with the village, etc. where vaccination had been applied for a specific period after which clearance was granted. He said there was an unique protocol in place for a post-mortem if there was a fatality due to a clot or other complications after the vaccine.

He said that these standards were updated in 2020, and now only allow for “passive monitoring” based only on the complainant’s or impacted family’s complaint.

“That is why India has such an incredible amount of official deaths, only 2 or 3!” he insisted.

Justice Chandrachud stated at this point, “You can’t use the word “unbelievable” to describe it. We must consider the vaccine’s countervailing benefits! We are unable to communicate that there is a problem with the immunisation. Vaccines have been endorsed by the WHO, and countries all around the world are implementing them! We can’t just dismiss it as a possibility.”

In addition, the updated rules add a new channel for tracking “severe and moderate AEFI.” The judge said, “They require’monthly progress reports’ through ‘peripheral health staff,’ which would include Asha workers.”

“The WHO advises all nations to implement an active surveillance-data collection system with a designated staff visiting the area and a one-year follow-up to monitor any ‘vaccine-associated increased disease’…but this is not happening in the country. The strategy here is passive surveillance—waiting for the person or family to make a complaint! In the country, there are 9000 deaths that should be probed! Doctors from all over the country have requested data from the government!”

“There will always be opposing viewpoints. But, with guidelines in place, why should the court get involved at this critical stage of vaccination? Every country in the world has numerous vaccines, especially those with large populations! Take a look at the developed world—the United States! “, the judge remarked.

“We can’t accept vaccine reluctance, it’s being said in the courts. All other countries, on the other hand, are conducting active surveillance! Only India has gotten rid of it! “, Mr. Gonsalves pleaded

“We have a few things on our minds,” the bench stated after talking with one another. The judge then permitted Mr. Gonsalves to serve a copy of his plea on the SG’s office, and the case was scheduled for a hearing in two weeks.

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