Amid omicron alarm, india revises guidelines for international passengers

The revised guidelines for inter­national arrivals have exempted children below five years from compulsory RT-PCR testing before and after their arrival in India. However, if found symptomatic for Covid-19 on arrival or during home quarantine period, they would have to undergo testing and be treated as per laid down protocol, the guidelines said.

The new guidelines have also added Singapore to the list of countries-at-risk, which now includes ten nations. Travellers coming from a country with which India has reciprocal arrangements for mutual acceptance of WHO approved Covid-19 vaccines are allowed to leave the airport if they are fully vaccinated.

These are the category A countries which comprise 96 nations. Fifteen days must have elapsed since com­pletion of Covid-19 vaccination schedule. They shall self-monitor their health for 14 days’ post arrival, the guidelines said.

As per Health Ministry’s guidelines, travellers from ‘countries at-risk’ will need to take the COVID-19 test post-arrival and wait for results at the airport.

If tested negative they will follow, home quarantine for seven days. They will have to take a re-test on eight-day and if negative, further self-monitor for the next seven days.

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