Kottiyoor Rape Case: Kerala High Court Reduces Sentence Awarded To Former Priest To 10 Yrs Imprisonment

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday diminished the sentence forced on previous cleric Robin Mathew Vadakkumchery within the scandalous Kottiyoor assault case that had shaken the open soul, where he was denounced of assaulting and impregnating a minor young lady in 2016.

 The POCSO court at Thalassery had sentenced him to 20 years of thorough detainment beneath Segment 376 (2)(f) of IPC and arrangements of the POCSO Act.

However, nowadays Justice Narayana Pisharadi diminished the sentence by changing the charges from Area 376 (2) to Segment 376 (1), subsequently sentencing the previous cleric to 10 a long time of thorough detainment coupled with a fine whereas arranging of an request recorded by the charged. The sentence beneath POCSO was concurred by the Court. The case had pulled in assist open rage after the survivor approached the Supreme Court communicating eagerness to wed the denounced. Robin Vadakkumcherry had too recorded a appeal looking for suspension of his sentence to marry the survivor. Be that as it may, the Apex Court had rejected both the pleas.

The case had caught open consideration after a minor young lady confessed to the police that she was impregnated after her possess father committed assault on her. In any case, amid her examination, she expressed that the charged and she had consensual sexual intercourse. The charged conceded the paternity of the child born to the casualty and fought that the act was consensual. The direct had made broad references to Puranas and Indian Mythology to fight that it was normal human conduct. The court rejected the said accommodation expressing hence: “Here, it isn’t a ethical issue that emerges for thought by this court. The address is whether there was lawful defence for A1 in having sexual intercourse with PW1. I have no question in my intellect that the act committed by A1 was legitimately off-base and it produced to commission of offenses culpable u/s Sec.376 of IPC and u/s Sec.3 r/w Sec. 4 and Sec. 5 r/w Sec. 6 of the POCSO Act.”

 While granting a sentence of 20 years detainment, the court had observed:

 This could be a case where A1 by his sexual adventures destroyed the life of a youthful young lady. The destruction was gigantic. I am of the view that the sentence to be forced upon A1 needs to coordinate with the gravity of the offenses. In any case, considering the actualities that the child born to PW1 and A1 is developing and the child did not have the fortune of assembly his father till date, I cease from forcing life sentence upon A1.Kottiyoor Rape Case: Kerala High Court Reduces Sentence Awarded To Former Priest To 10 years Imprisonment

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