Magdalena Andersson became Sweden’s first female Prime  Minister for the second time in a week

Magdalena Andersson, who last week was Sweden’s first woman Prime Minister for a few hours before resigning because a budget defeat made a coalition partner quit, was on Monday elected again as head of Government.

In a 101 -173 vote with 75 abstentions, the 349-seat Riksdag elected Ms. Andersson, leader of the Social Democrats, as Prime Minister.

She will form a one-party, minority Government. The Cabinet is expected to be named on Tuesday.

Formally, she will be installed following an audience with King Carl XVI Gustav, Sweden’s figurehead monarch. “It feels good and I am eager to start,” Ms. Andersson said of her appointment.

Their move followed the rejection of her Government’s budget proposal in favour of one presented by opposition parties including the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats, who are rooted in a neo-Nazi movement.

Under the Swedish Constitution, Prime Ministers can be named and govern as long as a parliamentary majority — a minimum of 175 lawmakers — is not against them.

Ms. Andersson repeated she would govern Sweden with the opposition’s budget which was was based on the Government’s own proposal but of the 74 billion kronor ($8.2 billion) that the Government wanted to spend on reforms, just over 20 billion kronor ($2.2 billion) will be redistributed next year.

The approved budget aims at reducing taxes, increased salaries for police officers and more money to different sectors of Sweden’s judiciary system.

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