BJP- RSS hands in the murder of CPM local secretary : CPM state secretary

Contradicting the state police’s claims, CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on Friday claimed that the CPM Peringara local committee secretary P B Sandeep was murdered by a gang of RSS-BJP workers to avenge political rivalry. “It’s a clear case of murder, committed by RSS-BJP men. The murder is the outcome of a political conspiracy. It is part of the RSS plans to take on CPM workers by eliminating them physically,” Balakrishnan told a news conference held after the CPM state secretariat meeting that ratified his return to the post of party state secretary after a hiatus.

He said it was improper on the part of the state police to rule out political conspiracy behind the murder even before completing the investigation. “There should be a high-level inquiry into the conspiracy behind the murder. Those who were involved in the conspiracy should be brought before the law,” he said, adding that the CPM was against countering violence by violence.

Balakrishnan said that as many as 20 CPM workers were killed after 2016 by political opponents. Of these, 15 murders were committed by BJP-RSS. A total of 215 CPM workers were murdered by BJP-RSS gangs in Kerala. In total, political opponents have killed 588 CPM workers, he said.

To a question, the CPM state secretary said the Periya twin murder was the fallout of some local issues. “CPM had disowned the incident. CPM view is that local issues should not be allowed to end up in murder. There should be no violence at the behest of the party,” he said. Balakrishnan said a person need not be involved in a murder just because he was arraigned as an accused by the investigating agency.

Balakrishnan said the CBI was after CPM leaders to carry out the orders they receive from some quarters.

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