Jammu And Kashmir CJ: Adding ‘secular’ In preamble Narrowed India’s spiritual image.

Chief justice Pankaj Mithal Sunday from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh High Court, He said that the terms “secular” and “socialist”  which were added at the year of 1976 under preamble Narrowed the vastness of its spiritual image.

During the lecture on dharma and the constitution, which interplay at a function organised by adhivakta parishad, of Jammu and Kashmir and ladakh. He said that India is capable of taking care of it citizens and we inherit socialist nature. We were ruled by Pandavas, mauryas to Gupta’s to Mughals and Britishers but we Indians never defined ourselves as Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. In which it is accepted as spiritual nation. He also said that “by adding the ‘secular’we narrowed our own vastness of spiritual appearance”, He added that “this can be said as a narrow minded approach” . Otherwise the Bharat from time immemorial had been a spiritual country and its name should have been “spiritual Republic of India” he added.

Referring to the amendment, He said it is good to have amendments as these proved to be helpful, but those who are not in national interest then there are no use. “sometimes we bring amendment due to our admancy” , He said. In this context he referred of two which was brought during 1976 on adding fundamental duties in chapter 14 and along with it, adding socialist and secular to the preamble, “very good words, but we have to see whether these amendments were needed or these have been added at the right palce” he said

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