Justice MR Shah said that Judges should not count their leaves, and there is no alternative to get relief from work.

“There is no substitute for hard work, and judges should not count their leaves; rather, they should devote all of their time to the service of the people,” Justice MR Shah, Judge, Supreme Court of India, said in an inspiring valedictory session of the 30th Batch of Civil Judges (Jr.Division) of Bihar Judicial Services, held on Sunday by Bihar Judicial Academy.

Justice MR Shah, along with Justice Sanjay Karol, Chief Justice, Patna High Court cum Patron in Chief, Bihar Judicial Academy; Justice Rajan Gupta, Judge cum JAD-I, Patna High Court cum Executive Chairman, Bihar State Legal Services Authority; Justice Ashwani Kumar Singh, Judge cum JAD-II, Patna High Court cum Chairman, Bihar Judicial Academy, and other Patna High Court Judges, were present at the event.

During the session, Justice M.R. Shah personally interacted with and met the 337 Civil Judges of the Bihar Judicial Services’ 30th Batch, encouraging them to give their all to the society.

The programme began with everyone singing the National Anthem, followed by the officers of the 30th Batch doing a magnificent rendition of Saraswati Vandana and Swaagat gaan. In his inimitable approach, replete with humour and wisdom, Justice MR Shah pulled out the qualities of a good Judge. Honesty, integrity, impartiality, empathy, and entire attention to the job are traits of a good Judge, he reminded the new cops.

Despite the pandemic, Chief Justice Sanjay Karol described how these young officials received training from the country’s top minds. He also reminded the new Judges that a Judge should always be humble and treat the lawyers and litigants with respect. He stressed that the Patna High Court and the people of Bihar have high expectations of these young judges, and that they must work hard and adhere to the requisite judicial discipline to live up to those expectations.

Justice Rajan Gupta warned that due process cannot be jeopardised simply to keep track of the number of cases pending. On the other hand, due process of law should be applied to instil public confidence. The youthful justices were advised by Justice Ashwani Kumar Singh Judge to maintain growing as people and not let their expertise stagnate.

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