NHRC Chief Justice Arun Mishra: No Room For Fake Encounters, Government is accountable.

There is no room for fake encounters” , former supreme court judge and chair person of the National Human Rights Commission Justice Arun Mishra said on 10th December 2021. “ There is no fake encounters, the government is accountable to it’s people”, he said. Speaking at an event marking world Human Rights day, Justice Arun Mishra expressed the concerns of delays in the judiciary.

President Ram Nath Kovind  was the chief guest at the event. He said that the rights of individuals are not absolute but have to aligned with social context. “Rights and duties are two different sides of the same coin” , he said. “Due to delayed justice, people, people take law into their own hands. The rule of law requires delivery of speedy justice” justice Mishra said. “The commission will ensure that offices of the state observes human rights responsibilities; the law and the policies framed for the welfare are followed and not rendered a mockery” he said.

Justice Mishra also said that the negativity is a form of violation of human rights that causes fear and distress. Developing positivity is essential for the development of an individual and for the country’s growth” , he said. Highlighting the achievements of the NHRC, Justice Mishra said that advancement of human rights is a pious duty. “However, advocacy of human rights cannot be the monopoly of a few, it is a duty of all”, he added.

In his speech, the president also called Hansabi Mehta, who was India’s representative in drafting the universal declaration of human rights , the world charter on human rights.

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