Supreme Court Quashed FIRs Lodged By West Bengal Police Against ‘OPIndia’

The supreme court on 9th December 2021quashed a FIRs which lodged by the west Bengal police against Journalists of news portal called ‘OpIndia’ after the state government informed to the court that it had decided to withdraw the FIRs.

Reading this submission the bench head: Justice S.K.Kaul expressed that the hope that other states would also follow suit in similar matter. “Journalists suffer consequences of what is otherwise in the public domain …… Hope others would follow”, justice Kaul remarked.

The bench also comprised with Justice M.M.Sundresh, was hearing a plea by ‘OPIndia’ editor NupurJSharma, her husband Vaibhav Sharma, the portal founder and CEO Rahul Roushan and the former editor of it’s Hindi Division Ajeet Bharti

In June 2020, supreme court had stayed three FIR registered by West Bengal Police in connection with some news stories published by the portal.

It said Though other News outlets also carried articles on the subjects, police had singled out ‘OPIndia’ and the “authoritarian Kolkata Police” was using the registration of FIRs as an excuse to “Intimate Journalists” to seek deletion of online content and reports critical of the state government.

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