Supreme Court rules that a daughter who expects her father to support her education must also play the role of a daughter

The Supreme Court of India, while hearing a marriage dispute, stated that a daughter must understand that if she expects her father to finance her education, she must also play a role as a daughter.

The observations were made by a bench consisting of Justice SK Kaul and Justice MM Sundresh after it was learned that the daughter had refused to meet with her father or speak to him on the phone.

“The daughter must also understand that if she expects her father/appellant to finance her education, she must also perform a role as a daughter,” the Court stated.

In this case, the Bench had previously directed the parties (husband and wife) to the Supreme Court Mediation Centre to hammer out a formal divorce settlement.

The Bench remarked on Tuesday that the mediation had failed. The matter was remanded to the Supreme Court mediation Centre after lawyers for the parties argued that another attempt to mediate with the parties present may be made.

The husband had filed an appeal against the Punjab and Haryana High Court’s ruling setting aside the Matrimonial Court’s decree granting a petition filed under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act for dissolution of marriage by divorce.

The Bench had noted on October 27th that, thanks to the intervention of the parties’ counsel, the parties had agreed to work out a settlement in the current case, subject to the nitty-gritty being worked out.

The wife’s lawyer told the court that she agrees to divorce on specific terms and circumstances, including paying for the wife’s support and caring after the child’s education, who has now been accepted into a Dental College. The husband was content with the same.

The parties were directed to the Supreme Court Mediation Centre to work out a formal settlement in these terms and file it with the Court, with the daughter being invited to participate in the mediation process as well.

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